Olathe,KS - Lasikin Recovery
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We all need help every now and then. When you are facing a battle against addiction and taking your first steps toward addiction recovery, we can help. At our drug rehab centers we care deeply about our clients and aid them in not just battling their addiction, but with the tools necessary to succeed in their addiction recovery that will last a lifetime.


Our addiction recovery facility in Olathe, Kansas understands the importance of supervised detox as the best method in creating the safest, most successful road to recovery possible for our clients. You are not in this battle alone. We are here to help you and ensure that you can detox safely, in a supervised environment. We care about you and want to ensure your safety and comfort at all times.


Dual diagnosis is an important feature of our Olathe addiction recovery program. By understanding that our clients may be experiencing compounding issues such as depression or anxiety in addition to their addiction, we can offer monitored programs that aid in determining and delivering the best care possible for you to become and stay healthy. Our clients become part of an extended community within our drug rehab facility, through support groups that allow clients to help one another. This environment allows our clients to feel safe and comfortable when undertaking the crucial task of speaking freely and honestly about their personal journey.


We understand and appreciate that each client we care for at our addiction treatment facility in Olathe is an individual with unique needs. We understand that your needs are different from others and do not fit into a cookie cutter mold, which allows us to set ourselves apart as a premier drug detox clinic. Every client that enters our Olathe substance abuse treatment facility is treated as an individual and therefore receives a customized treatment plan. No two people are exactly the same, so there is no one-size-fits-all addiction recovery program. Our treatment plans are not simply created to address a diagnosis, but are tailored to help the individual person succeed, which is our primary goal.


The journey to sobriety takes time. Our Olathe addiction recovery center will help you during a supervised detox, to give you the fresh start that is needed to begin rehabilitation. We offer a variety of therapy options, including support groups that will help our clients to develop the skills needed to become and remain sober. We understand the importance of aftercare to prevent relapses, and offer continuing support to every client that walks through our doors. You are not alone in this fight and we are here to help you during each step along the path to recovery.


Our addiction treatment center in Olathe places the highest level of importance on creating a safe place for you to begin your recovery journey. From our individualized treatment place for supervised detox and treatment, to our sense of community and family, we are here with you every step of the way. Our clinic offers safe and compassionate care that will teach you not only the skills needed to recover, but how to utilize them in all facets of your life. Our dual diagnosis treatment allows each client to be treated not only for addiction, but for compounding issues that predisposed them to substance abuse in the first place. When combined with an individualized plan to safely detox under our supervision and utilization of a wide variety of therapeutic modalities used both during and after treatment, we can help give you the best start to living and enjoying your life again. With unsurpassed care, safety, and professionalism, we will help you in each step of your journey.