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San Diego,CA

San Diego,CA

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What to Expect From Your Drug Rehab Center

So you have admitted that you are struggling with a drug addiction. This was the very first step in your journey towards sobriety. The next step is to check into an addiction recovery center in order to get the help and care that is so important for your future. But it is hard to make that leap when you are unsure of what happens at these centers. Read on to learn what you will experience when you take the plunge and get help from a substance abuse treatment facility.

Your History of Abuse and Expectations for Recovery

A reputable drug rehab facility won’t just sign you up and throw you into rehab. They will want to know all about your drug use and history of abuse. This helps them understand exactly what you are going through and what level of care you will need as a guest of the drug detox clinic. They will not want to simply heal your body, they wish to heal your mind and spirit! Many clients are dealing with more than just a drug addiction in their life. They are also battling co-occurring disorders that may contribute to their drug abuse, or could have even caused it. An addiction recovery program will also want to know about these issues and more. They will talk to you during the intake process and develop a step-by-step plan of action concerning treatment.

Withdrawals and Detoxification

All reputable drug rehab centers will have supervised detox services available for their clients. During the intake process, clients will be asked to disclose all information concerning the drugs they are using and the frequency, as withdrawal symptoms can vary from drug to drug. For example, some clients only have mild flu-like symptoms while others can suffer from other symptoms. Qualified staff will be on hand during a stay at an addiction treatment facility to ensure the overall safety of clients experiencing active withdrawal symptoms.

Caring and Concerned Staff

Drug rehab centers employ compassionate and attentive staff who genuinely love their jobs and want to help. An addiction recovery program will not succeed without support staff that will remain by the side of the client as they are seeking treatment for their drug addiction. An addiction recovery facility is a crucial part of the recovery process for every addict who recognizes that they need help, and staff members will always be as supportive and understanding as possible during their stay.

Therapy is a Key Point

Therapy is a major part of every addiction treatment center. Clients may be given the opportunity to partake in various counseling sessions, including individual counseling and group therapy. Depending on the center, family therapy sessions may also be included. These are especially helpful for clients who are dealing with broken relationships stemming from their drug abuse, either with immediate family members, friends, or romantic relationships. Some centers hold off on these sessions until the client has been sober for some time.

Group therapy is also a highly regarded part of addiction recovery and has been found to be extremely helpful for those who participate. Clients can learn coping skills from one another that will help them manage everyday stressors when they are back to their regular lives without turning to substance abuse. Members can provide each other with support and encouragement during their stay in rehab.

What Happens After the Program?

Rehabilitation isn’t complete just because the program is. Backsliding is an ongoing concern for those who are trying to move on with their lives after graduating from rehab. Additional therapy and counseling sessions are usually needed to maintain a sober lifestyle outside of rehab. For more information, please contact us today to get the help you or your loved one needs.