Fishers, IN - Lasikin Recovery
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Fishers, IN

Fishers, IN

(317) 520-4330

Clients at our Fishers, Indiana addiction recovery treatment center enjoy a high rate of success in achieving their recovery goals. This is thanks in large part to the personalized recovery plans we offer to every client who enrolls in the drug rehab program here at Lasikin Recovery.


In order to provide our clients with the quality addiction recovery treatment services they deserve, we conduct an intake interview when they first arrive at Lasikin Recovery. During this intake interview, clients will answer a number of questions. These questions will cover a number of topics. Some will involve the personal history of substance abuse possessed by the client, such as the substance of choice or the duration of use. Clients will also be asked other questions, such as whether or not any family members have a history of abuse.


You may question whether or not every question is relevant, but rest assured, the details we gather during the intake interview will be essential in the formation of your customized plan for addiction recovery treatment. By learning more about your specific situation, we can provide you with hand-tailored care that gives you support where you need it the most. While some addiction recovery centers offer a standardized plan for treatment, at our Fishers, Indiana drug rehab center, we know that the most effective recovery comes from a personalized plan.


Because we will provide you with an individualized plan for treatment based on the details we learn about you during the intake interview, it is essential that you are honest about your situation. This means that you must be honest not only with the friendly staff member who conducts your intake interview, but also with yourself. An essential component of addiction recovery is identifying that you have a problem and behind honest with yourself about overcoming that problem. If you are not honest with yourself, there is little that can be done. However, when you are honest about the issues you have with substance abuse, the experts at our Fishers, Indiana drug rehab treatment facility can get you the support you need.


We offer a variety of different therapeutic options to clients here at Lasikin Recovery. These include more traditional therapy offerings, such as individual and group therapy sessions. We also provide a number of holistic treatment possibilities, including art therapy and yoga. We recognize that different treatment strategies will be more effective for different clients, and as a result, we strive to ensure every client has access to the treatment strategy that will prove most effective for them.


When you are ready to face substance abuse, we can provide you with the help you need at our Fishers, Indiana substance abuse treatment center. Enrollment at Lasikin Recovery will put you in the right position to begin working toward recovery in earnest. When you have decided to seek help from a professional addiction recovery center, we hope you’ll consider picking up the phone and contacting our welcoming and friendly addiction counselors. We can provide you with the addiction recovery support you require.