Fontana,CA - Lasikin Recovery
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Fontana, CA

(866) 375-1769

The friendly and well-trained expert staff at Lasikin Recovery has plenty of experience guiding clients at our Fontana, California drug rehab center toward the goals they have set for recovery. If you have been struggling to overcome addiction and find yourself in need of the assistance that only a professional drug rehab clinic can provide, we hope that you will consider our substance abuse treatment facility. Our extensive experience gives us the ability to provide the support our clients need to achieve recovery. Regardless of how you first came to be entangled in addiction, you can take part in the addiction recovery program to receive the necessary support to reach your recovery goals.


At our Fontana, California addiction recovery center, we know that certain types of recovery strategies will work better for some clients than others. In order to ensure that we can provide adequate treatment for every client at our drug rehab center, we maintain a variety of possible strategies for treatment. Whatever support you need to successfully attain recovery goals, we can ensure you get the help you need. At Lasikin Recovery, our professional staff can offer you whatever treatment is necessary to overcome whatever specific challenges you face.


We know that we have to provide a broad spectrum of treatment strategies in order to ensure every client who enters our Fontana, California drug rehab clinic is successful in attaining and maintaining their recovery goals. This means that we offer both more traditional therapeutic offerings, such as individual and group therapy, along with cutting edge treatment strategies like art therapy, yoga, and other holistic approaches. No matter what it is that you require in order to successfully defeat your addiction, we will not hesitate to provide it for you. We are committed to ensuring our clients get the help they need to succeed in recovery.


One of the many varied treatment options we offer to certain clients allows them to deal with any co-occurring mental health disorder with which they may be struggling. When a client must overcome both a substance abuse disorder and a co-occurring disorder, they need specific support to ensure that they can successfully reach recovery. Since clients who struggle with both a co-occurring mental health disorder and an addiction need special support, we provide these clients with the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment while they are here with us at Lasikin Recovery in Fontana, California.


In order to assure our clients that they will continue to receive support after they have left our Fontana, California drug rehab clinic. We offer a fully customized aftercare plan to every client who graduates from our addiction recovery program. Just like every other aspect of the treatment you receive at our qualified drug rehab clinic, your aftercare schedule for treatment will be tailored to suit your individual needs. Regardless of the circumstances that led you to addiction, the friendly and experienced experts at Lasikin Recovery, our Fontana, California drug rehab clinic, are here to offer you the benefit of their support as you work toward your goals for recovery.